The Vitamin D Briefing

Edited by Ian Wishart



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Better cancer survival

Norwegian study finds vitamin D associated with better cancer survival: “A new study in Cancer Causes and Control suggests that maintaining a high level of serum vitamin D may help fight a variety of malignancies including breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer and lymphoma. Previous studies suggest taking vitamin D supplements may fight prostate cancer as well.”

Vitamin D “kills” cancer cells

Researchers at Stanford University say vitamin D actually “kills” breast and prostate cancer cells: “It’s breakthrough news!  David Feldman of Stanford University School of Medicine and colleagues conducted a study that suggests taking vitamin D3 supplements may effectively prevent or treat both breast cancer and prostate cancer. Serum vitamin D levels have been inversely associated with risk of breast cancer and prostate cancer.  This animal study confirmed that vitamin D3 is effective in killing these malignancies that together hit half a million American men and women each year.”

Big reduction in Type-I diabetes risk

“Babies born with high vitamin D levels have a massively reduced risk of developing type-I diabetes: “The study showed that pregnant women who had highest levels of vitamin D measured as 25-hydroxy-vitamin D during pregnancy were 100 percent less likely to have a child who will develop type 1 diabetes prior to 15 years of age, compared to those with lowest vitamin D levels.”

Crucial for brain development

University of Wisconsin finds vitamin D crucial for brain development in babies and children: “Many researchers are now convinced that vitamin D plays a significant role in brain development and cognitive functions of children. In fact, according to researchers at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health there is a widespread distribution of vitamin D receptors in the brain, which clearly shows that the brain is in need of a regular and ample supply of the vitamin. Most of these receptors are in areas that affect learning, memory, motor control and social behavior. In addition to this, vitamin D is known to directly affect many proteins in the brain responsible for the very same functions. If all this evidence wasn’t enough to prove the link, the study also found that vitamin D helps in the activation and deactivation of enzymes in the brain and cerebrospinal fluid that are involved in neurotransmitter synthesis and nerve growth. Apart from all this, studies have shown that vitamin D also helps in the protection of neurons and prevents inflammation.”

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  1. Hi Ian,

    ALERT; Put at least these two two dots together & see where it leads too… – Companies advertising ‘cloud seeding’ & ‘weather modification’ services using aerosol particulates. – Futures trading (derivatives) of weather & climate events.

    I guess paranoid hippies might have cause to be concerned about this sort of stuff, i.e. ‘weather modification & ‘Chem-trails’ etc.
    After all the official line is this:
    – No such thing as militarised spraying of aerosol nano-particulates for weather modification or environmental weaponry!
    – No such thing as commercialised spraying of aerosol nano-particulates for weather modification!
    – No evidence of environmental or biological harm from scientific research operations of small scale aerosol nano-particulate spraying (called geo-engineering research).
    – No evidence of environmental or biological harm resulting from such spraying – if it were to be used in the future.
    – No such thing as large corporations interested in aerosol nano-particulate spraying for commercial use.
    – No such thing as futures trader interested in profiteering from weather-oriented commodity derivatives trading.

    Regards, Terry.

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