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Need A Rugged Phone That Goes Where You Go?

New Zealand's Best Tradie Phones

Something you need to be aware of...

The phones immediately above are operational on ALL New Zealand phone networks. For trade users, phone coverage is crucial. Models with VoWIFI will allow you or your staff to make or receive calls anywhere they can tap into an office or home wifi network. VoWIFI is currently only available on 2Degrees but is coming soon to Spark as well. In the meantime, you just have to load a 2Degrees sim card into one of the two sim slots, turn on Wifi calling in Settings, and you will have phone coverage even if the client's house has zero bars of signal. If you enable call forwarding to the 2Degrees card from your main Spark or Vodafone number, you will never miss a call on the job.

Why buy from us?

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    EXPERIENCE: We've sold thousands of these phones

    Which means we know which ones are lemons, and we don't sell those

Stores that boast "the largest selection" can often be found offering disappointing 'budget' models from the main brands that don't perform. We prefer to offer an exclusive handpicked range of phones with more power and the toughness you need. Because life's too short to be stuck with a disappointing phone.

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    RELIABILITY: If it's our fault, we'll fix or replace

    You aren't dealing with an Asian wholesaler. You are dealing with Auckland.

Our phones are available at low trade-only prices, or with varying levels of warranty cover up to two years. Unlike other stores, we have a service team who know these phones. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, we have the expertise to deal with it.

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    RAPID SHIPPING: We don't offer slow 'free' shipping

    When you need a new phone you need it quickly, not in three weeks' time. We ship via DHL Express

A customer in Melbourne ordered Friday morning and had it delivered on Sunday. While that case was exceptional, you will in most cases receive your new phone in 2-5 working days as long as there's no supply delay


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At A Glance

  • Regular Updates

    All clients get notified of updates and advisories for their phones

  • Wonderful Team

    You are dealing with people who use the phones and know how to help

  • Great Community

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Reviews From Happy Clients

I am so impressed with your phone, I have been telling people to get on your website and buy one

Alan J
Alan J Company Inc

Thank you very much for your great service and for selling such fantastic phones, I love it already

Liz P
Liz P Company Inc

Best phone I have ever had! Good service.
Good warranty!

Grant T
Grant T Company Inc

Best decision I've made for a long time! Great technical support, help is only a phone call away, I've taken photos underwater, dropped it and it has dealt with all the abuse this hunter, kayak fishing tradie painter can throw at it....and the new Blackview looks even better. Do not hesitate to deal with the genuine agents in NZ , Outdoor Phone Store

Ant N
Ant N Company Inc

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