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We are the only rugged phone retailer to actually service the phones in house, with factory backup. That means we are not just a sales outlet – our technical expertise on these phones is unmatched and if you are in business that’s crucial. Most other rugged phone retailers have no contact phone numbers – we do.

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  • Fast delivery. You will get your phone asap, not in four weeks via ‘free shipping’
  • Quality control. We’ve selected the best rugged phone brands in the world, and only their specific variants tuned to run in NZ. We are the biggest importer of rugged phones in NZ, with years of experience.
  • NZ warranty. As the authorised reseller of these brands, we service our phones in NZ, or replace them. No mucking around. You won’t need to send your phone overseas at a cost to you of $150 (standard manufacturer’s warranties make you liable for cost of returning ‘dangerous goods’) and waiting 11 weeks for its return. We do it here, we do it quick.
  • Tax deductible. Yes, you are paying GST. That means your new phone is tax deductible for business use
  • The phones are great! Watch the videos…
  • Seen a lower price somewhere else? It might not be exactly the same quality (FIND OUT MORE)





It’s not something we shout about, but we’ve been in the mobile phone business for a very long time. Investigate’s smartphone division is run by Ian and Heidi Wishart; Heidi’s background in telecommunications for Bellsouth Mobile and Clear, and Ian’s connection to the establishment of NZ’s first mobile phone network (Telecom 025) proved invaluable when the couple began operating a Vodafone affiliate in 1999. Since then we’ve sold a wide range of phones and tablets to clients all over NZ. Today, we specialise in providing handsets that work on ALL the networks – Spark, Vodafone and 2Degrees, giving you options you can’t get from the telcos’ own stores.

Like most Kiwis, you either like to get away to the great outdoors, or you know someone who does. Treat yourself or a loved one to a rugged smartphone that’s waterproof, shock resistant and dustproof, with features that could save your life in an emergency, like one-touch SOS, long-life batteries, GPS, flashlight and so much more.

These phones all have dual sim cards so they can run two phone networks simultaneously, meaning you’ll have maximum cellular coverage from2G, 3G and even 4G if you get stuck out the back of beyond – more than a Spark, Vodafone or 2Degrees model.

Ideal gifts for the person who seems to have everything, and essential for boaties, trampers, hunters, skiers, mountain bikers, farmers, tradies or anyone else who works and plays outdoors.

You can’t buy these from a telco. Phones carry a 24 month NZ warranty in most cases. Click here to see the full collection. Don’t forget to get an all-terrain holster with your purchase.





  1. I want to know the name of his latest book to pre-order I think it comes out in a couple of weeks he spoke about it on ZB this morni9ng to do with the supplements, salt, cholesterol etc cheers Fay madden

  2. What is your best phone you use or recommend im looking to upgrade from a s7 curved and like the sound of your rugged series money is no issue just want a good all round top of the line replacement.

  3. Most of them use micro or nano sim, you will find details in the technical specs for each phone

  4. What is the best book or source of information to get the best from my phone. I have moved from very basic cell phone to the A8. I would prefer the manual or whatever to be able of communicating with some one who is more than three score years and ten.

  5. Great question Karen. Twenty five years ago, all computers came with extensive manuals. Nowadays, people are expected to know the basics of turning a computer on, and you don’t get much info. Same with smartphones. They have been around for 14 years now, and the vast array of different brands that had their own unique operating systems (and manuals) back in 2003 has dwindled to just two: Android or Apple.

    Apart from basic instructions on how to turn the phone on and where to put the sim cards, manufacturers no longer offer guidance on how to use the software, because the software is the same on nearly all phones and people are expected to be familiar with it. Sadly that doesn’t help those latecomers to the smartphone revolution.

    That’s where Google is your friend. Google search “Android 7” or “Android Nougat” (the OS of the M004 A8) and watch some Youtube videos on how to navigate the Android 7 system.

    It is pretty intuitive. The Phone icon is how you make calls – the old push buttons on a flip phone are now green and red icons to dial and hang up.

    The Messaging icon is where you send and receive TXT messages.

    An easier way of setting up your email is an app you download from Play Store called Bluemail. It is easier than the built in email programme because you simply enter your email address and password and it detects all the settings automatically.

    The key to getting the most from your phone is simply being up the Settings menu and have a scroll through the available settings. Some of them will sound like gobbledegook and others will make sense. Never change anything unless you understand the options…but again Google can be your friend.

    The main things are making sure you have turned on WiFi and registered the phone to your home wifi network. Then once your sim card is in, make sure you go to Settings, Data usage, and ensure mobile data is turned on (otherwise you won’t be able to send emails or browse the web away from home.)

    If you have avoided using this modern technology before now and it seems overwhelming, there are private companies like Need a Nerd or Geeks on Wheels who will come out and teach you, or your Citizens Advice Bureau may know of beginner tech nights somewhere. Alternatively you can take your phone to your local Spark or Vodafone shop (whichever network you pay your phone bill to) and tell them you’ve never had an Android phone before, can they give you a five minute course in how to use an Android phone. (DON’T ask them how to teach you to use this specific phone because that will only confuse them. The make of phone is irrelevant, Android works pretty much the same on all Android phones, but if you give them an “out” by making it about your phone rather than a lack of experience with Android generally, they will take it and won’t help you.)

    Remember, you are paying Spark or Vodafone to make calls and use data. If they don’t help you with the basics of using your phone you can’t really use the services they want to sell you. It is in their interests to help.

    One final thing: the real power of your new phone is contained in the Apps already loaded and the Apps you might download from Play Store. There are millions of different apps, too many to list in any manual or book. Luckily most have follow-your-nose instructions or intuitive use, so learning how to use your phone is really just a case of learning how to use the Apps you choose.

    As you may know, as a customer of the Outdoor Phone Store you are automatically on our newsletter list where we send out tips and update info on how to get the best from your phone. Keep an eye on our newsletters for ideas you can use.

  6. I’m am a Samsung note 4 operator and looking to replace it.
    So far the samsung note 8 looks to be the one as it comes supplied with built in screen shot and notate ability which is all important for trades folk and Engineers for drawing changes and quick photo image notations.
    Does any of your phones have this

  7. No rugged phone is a direct competitor to Notes because they don’t offer the same features. You will always have a toss up between the ease of Note software and the durability of the outdoor phones. That said, screenshots are easily taken by pressing power and volume down buttons simultaneously, and there are Note apps in Google Play allowing you to scribble notes on photos, so depending on whether you want to learn that, the choice is yours.

  8. Have a rugged AGM
    I can text with spark but can’t send or receive calls. Have tried everything and Spark say it is the phone at fault. Is there something simple I have missed, I wanted to buy another of these but not if they are a dud in NZ.

    Hi Di

    Re your query above…did you buy from us? Even if not we may be able to assist. What exact model is the phone?


    Hi Ian
    My friend got it for me from some Chinese website. We love it if only it WORKED! Spark says its network doesn’t support dual sim phones. They were unable to see a problem from their end.

    It sends and receives texts over spark network but calls do not go through or come in. Ive noticed skype messaging is very laggy too. I’m stumped. I dont want to admit defeat as this phone is perfect for me and my business.

    PS, here are some photos of the model from China

    Hi Di
    Ah, I see now…. Yes, the AGM A8 model you purchased from China will NOT work on Spark, but works fine on Vodafone or 2Degrees. It has nothing to do with being dual sim, it is just that it is the cheapest version of the phone and doesn’t have all the frequencies of the full NZ version.

    You can either switch providers, or factory reset phone and sell on trademe to a Voda/2Deg user…

    The versions we sell on ALL work on Spark unless expressly stated otherwise.

    Your phone is laggy because it only has 2GB of RAM, again it was cheap and cheap won’t necessarily do what you want.


    Hi Ian
    THANK YOU, Finally someone who knows what they are talking about!! I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my query!

  9. Hi,

    I mostly see queries here that have apparently come from either ‘newish’, or prospective customers – nothing wrong with that! But having owned an AGM that I purchased from Ian at the start of May last year, I just felt compelled to comment on how stoked I am with it. I could have submitted this to the product review section, but it might get missed there among the forest of positive feedback, and as it’s as much a comment about the confidence I have dealing with Ian as the phone itself, I thought this forum might be more useful. (if not Ian, please feel free to use as you wish).

    Yes the product is awesome, but I really have found the back-up to be spot on too. While the phone hasn’t missed a beat, I’ve had a couple of minor network issues I didn’t fully understand and Ian personally talked me through them – very patiently and with easy, successful outcomes.

    Each time I call I find out some new feature I didn’t realise I had (sorry Ian!) The last time I called, I also found out that each and every phone they sell comes fitted with a screen protector!!! Brilliant! (A fact that has further frustrated my kids with their ‘hot new’ Galaxies etc that keep getting damaged etc.). Just to further wind them up I then told them how much I’ve been quoted for a new set of protectors 🙂

    When I first got the phone it seemed a little ‘bulky’ but it is actually housed in a tough-as chassis and the way I use it means its size is more than ok (especially since it comes with an already fitted screen protector). Opening it up to fit the SIMs etc, I found part of the reason for the slightly larger frame is the (in my opinion) high-quality engineering that even incorporates an o-ring sealed (properly lubed) cover that pretty much blew my mate away (“nothing is really waterproof”, he said – “it’d have to have o-rings”, he said… – hahaha… I’m NOT recommending to anyone that they use their phone in a certain way but I’ve used mine fully submersed with full confidence, and haven’t been let down.

    The battery standby seems remarkable too, especially compared to my work phone. I haven’t made a ‘study’ of it, but it just seems… great. I haven’t felkt the need to ask Ian if I can purchase replacement batteries, but the battery is easily removable, which is comforting to know.

    Ian very obviously knows what he’s about and looks after his customers. I will have absolutely no worries about buying from him in the future, or recommending him to others. Excellent value for money!

    Best Regards,

    Blair H.

  10. Hi Ian,
    I ran over my ph with a truck on saturday, screen is cracked, cannot txt, and speaker isn’t as loud as it used to be, however the ph still works.
    You can contact me still on this ph no 027.
    cheers Rangi Horne

  11. I have used the Blackview 8000 for about 6 months
    It is an ok phone to use yes it is tough but BEWARE not as good as advertised.
    If you are a farmer or anyone working with steel stay well clear of this phone as iron filings will damage the speaker so that you cant hear the phone ringing, or use to listen via the speaker.
    I never left it on a work bench etc but may have picked them up in my pocket or at the beach etc.
    Funny enough, it is not covered in there great sounding warranty either resulting in a very costly repair. (A third of the price of the phone)
    Bit sad as I never had any such problems with my old Samsung (5 years and counting)
    The 3.5 mm aux socket needs a special pulg as well as standard ones are too short and it is near on impossible to find one that works

  12. Appreciate your frustration Lance but the speaker replacement charge was only $120 plus GST which includes not only the part but a subsidised labour charge. The job takes an hour and phone repair shops charge $149 an hour. Had you gone to an independent service centre the job would have cost you closer to $200 plus GST. The remainder of your bill was accessories you ordered.

    As for iron filings, this has been a problem since “forever” with all brands of mobile phones exposed to industrial contaminants…as a tech whose job was to constantly replace speakers says here, any filter strong enough to keep iron out of a magnetic speaker would also prevent sound getting out of the speaker, thereby defeating the purpose.

    “Funnily enough” Lance you read and signed the Warranty terms when you bought the phone (you couldn’t complete the purchase without signing you had read the warranty), and those terms make it very clear that iron filings are not a manufacturing fault…it is a buyer responsibility because you are in control of where you put your phone, so we’re not sure why any of this has come as a surprise to you, unless you forgot what we had expressly warned you of BEFORE you purchased.

    Rugged phones have bigger speakers (up to 100 decibel) for outdoor use, with bigger magnets than your average Samsung phone, and those magnets suck up more filings. Rugged phones also have deeper sockets (because of the built in lifeproof casing and waterproofing) which is why the 3.5mm jacks are special.

    At the end of the day the BV8000 is half the price of a Samsung Galaxy but twice as tough…it’s not a perfect phone as there’s no such thing ($1800 iPhone X buyers are complaining about speaker distortion too), but it’s a good phone which is easily maintained, and some of our customers are now heading into their third year with one of these models.

    Five minutes after posting the above reply, we received this message from a different customer:
    Message: Good afternoon. I believe I need a new speaker fitted, to my BV8000pro bought nearly 2 yrs ago. What will this cost nowadays?
    Also can the phones OS be upgraded from 7-8 yet, if so while it’s there can that be done. I really want to keep using this phone. (our emphasis)

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