Investigate editor and author, Ian Wishart
Investigate editor and author, Ian Wishart. Click for print-resolution image

Investigate magazine editor and bestselling author Ian Wishart has been in the news business for three decades. Those stories have taken him around the world, and his work is now recognised internationally. Media outlets to have published or referenced his work, or interviewed Ian Wishart, include:



IAN WISHART is an investigative journalist, network TV reporter, news director and former #1 rated national talkshow host in New Zealand, and a sought-after international talk show guest on the subjects of:


VITAMIN D DEFICIENCY & WHY SUNSCREENS DON’T WORK [Click for more info and contact details]



In 2009 Wishart made world headlines as the first journalist to confirm the Climategate emails leak was genuine, thus provoking an international media firestorm. In a subsequent climate change debate on national television, Wishart stunned producers with what was then their biggest audience response – around 20,000 txt votes – 77% in favour of Wishart’s position:

TVNZ “Close Up” viewer poll. Of tens of thousands of votes, most went Wishart’s way

In 2011 he again made world headlines with the release of the book The Hunt – documenting the successful search for two children kidnapped 30 years earlier off the streets of London and never seen again.

In his native New Zealand Wishart is a sought-after public speaker and TV and radio talk show commentator and guest. His appearances there include One News, Three News, Prime News, Holmes, CloseUp, Campbell Live, Newstalk ZB Leighton Smith show, Newstalk ZB Danny Watson show, Newstalk ZB Larry Williams show, Newstalk ZB Kerre Woodham show, Newstalk ZB Bruce Russell show, RadioLive Marcus Lush breakfast, RadioLive JT & Willie show, RadioLive Drive with Paul Henry, RadioLive Karyn Hay & Andrew Fagan show, Radio New Zealand Morning Report, Radio New Zealand Jim Mora Drive, Classic Hits Kent Robertson breakfast, More FM Simon & Gary breakfast and many more.

In the space of four years in the mid-2000s, Wishart was the 7pm-10pm host of Radio Pacific nightime talk, taking his slot from number 14 in the market nationally to #1 in that time – the only host on that network to do so.


  1. hello, i purchased you magazine dec 2005 and have kept it as i was very interested in the write up ‘red dragon rising’…..about china planning war against Australia etc. i wondered if you had any other write ups planned, especially as china and Russia are becoming closer together and more aggressive. i.e. current weeks china in the south china sea…does china threaten NZ?and are the public aware we need closer links with the US… i’m following this closely and was wondering if you had anything else planned to write or share. thank you.

  2. Hi Ian, (Tried emailing at , but bounces.???)

    I have just finished reading your book “Show Me The Money, Honey”
    Well done!

    As a Research & Development Chemist, in polymers and surface coatings, I was particularly interested in Ch 7, The Vitamin D Question.

    In our work on clear-coated wood (varnished if you will) for exterior durability we were horrified with what we found.
    The commonly used nano Titanium dioxide (TiO2) and, to a lesser extent, zinc oxide UV absorbers (UVAs) generate free radicals in the process of absorbing UV light.
    This photocatalytic degradation mechanism is well known in the coatings industry and the TiO2 particles (white pigment) are themselves coated to minimise this effect.
    This is even more problematic with nano particles which are used to obtain clear as against opaque films.
    One nano material, which was strongly marketed as being manganese doped to prevent this effect, was tried by my company in an experimental coating.
    We experienced accelerated degradation rather than protection!!!

    This phenomenon is well documented in a paper from Bluescope Steel who were experiencing premature failure of the coating on their steel.
    “The interaction of modern sunscreen formulations with surface coatings”
    This was traced to the sun screen transferred from the worker’s hands and knees to the coating during installation!
    So, we put this stuff on our skin!
    I can forward the paper, and a lot more, if you wish.
    Or, downdoad from my DropBox
    Having had a mis-spent youth in the sun in Fiji as a kid I am now a retirement plan for my dermatologist!

    Don Waddingham
    Technical Director
    Uroxsys Limited

  3. Hi Ian
    GOD! everyone should be reading “WINSTON”. I am passing the book around my circle of friends. Why is Sturt still working? He should be in jail, we would be if we committed the same lies! Makes me angry, good ol’ Winnie, I hope he keeps on stirring.

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