Keeping you in touch is important to us. When you return a phone for service, we won’t charge you $600 for a screen replacement, and we won’t be sending your phone to Australia or China. We do it all here, and we do it for far less.

If it’s a warranty hardware defect we repair or replace. If it is non-warranty damage it is usually straightforward to fix.

We have two differing service plans. For our existing customers who obtained their phones directly from us, we offer special maintenance rates below. For everyone else (clients of other retailers or websites) we charge on a standard basis of labour plus parts at the industry labour charge of NZ$149 an hour.


We have a factory-backed service centre that can provide parts and technical advice to mobile repair shops in your own country. We use DHL Express to ship phones and parts worldwide so you won’t be waiting months for parts to turn up.

Alternatively, we can arrange transport of your phone by DHL Express, at cost, to Auckland if you’d prefer our techs to work on it


What happens if you break your smartphone? Hopefully you won’t, but accidents happen, and no phone in the world is immune from breaking its glass once it reaches its critical stress threshold or if it takes a direct smack to the screen.

If you look at your rugged phone you will see two features. Firstly, there is a slight rim around the screen edge. This means that your glass screen physically cannot hit the ground if dropped on a flat surface like a tiled or wooden floor. Glass that doesn’t hit the ground directly is less likely to smash (although repeated shocks can gradually weaken a Gorilla Glass screen until it eventually shatters on a seemingly trivial shock). Secondly, your rugged phone has a more shock absorbent body than ordinary smartphones, so that impact vibrations are dissipated as much as possible before they can reach the screen.

These two factors are the first line of defence for your phone. But they only reduce the risk of accidental damage – they don’t completely eliminate it. Why? Because in the real world you don’t always drop your phone on perfectly smooth flat ground.

If your phone falls glass first onto a jutting rock, or a tool, or it hits the corner of a bench on the way down, there’s a high risk your screen will shatter. All that force concentrated on a small point of your screen will do what solid objects have always done to glass – break it. There is no phone you can buy (or that you could have bought) that will give you a different outcome, not even a phone three times the price of these ones. Glass is glass.


If you do suffer a breakage, it is not covered by warranty. But in most cases we can repair it and keep you in business for less than the price of a car tyre.