The 7 deadly sins of 'good health'

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Ian Wishart is the award-winning investigative journalist and author of two #1 bestselling health books - "Vitamin D: Is This The Miracle Vitamin?"  and his latest, "Show Me The Money, Honey: the Truth about Big Pharma's War on Salt, Chocolate, Cholesterol & the Natural Health products that could save your life"


His central findings: Big Pharma is using #fakenews to push drugs we don't need, to treat conditions that are not serious, and helping draft health policy worldwide that actually makes us sicker so we use more of their products

"Thanks so much for finding the time to do the interview with Steve this morning (or in your case 'evening'). It was great. He mentioned that he would like to do another interview with you to talk about your other books..."

-Steph Miller, Producer, Talk Radio Europe

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Ian Wishart's work has featured all over the world. As an experienced broadcast journalist, documentary maker and former host of a #1 rated national talk radio show, he knows exactly what you need in an interview and delivers it.

Respected by scientists:

“My first degree was in Human Biology, and now as an Associate Professor I teach courses on evidence and research methodology... I came to the book familiar with Wishart’s science books. I knew he would be readable, courteous, firm, and well referenced. Wishart is well acquainted both with the science and the politics of medicine. He presents the science so that non-technical people can see the point, and technical people can have precision and detail.” - Ivan Lowe, University of Tunis

“I strongly recommend this book. ” – Dr William Grant, Science Director, Vitamin D Council, San Francisco

“...another masterpiece of scientific reason...please read this book.” - Professor David Bellamy, England

From the cover of Show Me The Money:

Salt. Sugar. Fats.We spend trillions on health globally, but what haven’t you been told? Just how bad are our diets, and just how good are the natural products we reach for? A compelling investigation into ‘bad’ foods and natural supplements. Discover what the science really says

You know the drill: we live demanding urban lives, we don’t see the sun, we eat highly processed foods because we are too busy to cook from scratch, and we know we are not as healthy as we could be. So we pop a pill.

The elixir of life in an oil-filled capsule.

Or is it?

As bestselling author and investigative journalist Ian Wishart discovers, virtually everything we know about health is being turned on its head. New medical studies are bringing salt, fat and even dairy in from the cold – could the dominant health message of the past 50 years be wrong?

covers: cholesterol, salt, chocolate, green tea, black tea, coffee, saturated fats, polyunsaturated fats, omega-6, omega-3, manuka honey, astaxanthin, resveratrol, vitamin C & more

From the cover of Vitamin D:


Vitamin D is the hottest development in medical science, and in this compelling new book, bestselling author Ian Wishart brings together the most up to date science on vitamin D and how it could well save your life.

Cancer? Up to a 77% reduction in risk of developing it if you take this vitamin.

Heart disease? The same kind of reduction. Did you know that autism, mental illness and multiple sclerosis all appear to be affected by a lack of vitamin D during pregnancy? Did you know that ADHD and asthma appear to result from that same deficiency?

The lives of every single person, including you, will be affected by the information in this book. More than 300 scientific studies are cited, making this an ideal reference book for the public and medical professionals alike.


Asthma, Autism, Allergies, Alzheimer's, Breast Cancer, Bowel Cancer, Skin Cancer, Melanoma, Heart Disease, Stroke, Colds, Flu Pandemics, Crohn's Disease, Mental Illness, Diabetes, Tuberculosis, Multiple Sclerosis, Depression, ADHD, Pregnancy, Infertility, Hospital Superbugs and more...

Two #1 Health Bestsellers


What is the 'low fat myth'?

Which is healthier, a low fat diet based on vegetable oils, or a diet of saturated fats like lard or butter?

What happened to the hamsters?

How does chocolate actually help us lose weight?

Is it true that chocolate can literally reverse ageing?

Doctors recommend we go on a low salt diet, but your book warns that could kill us. What does the evidence actually show?

What is the link between Vitamin D and Autism?

Do sunscreens work?

Which natural supplements have performed best in medical trials to fight cancer?


Bio at a glance

Ian Wishart is a multi-award winning investigative journalist and bestselling author of more than 20 books, who's now in his fourth decade in the news business. His writing style has often been compared to John Grisham by reviewers.

He's been a radio News Director, a Chief of Staff for TV3 News and a magazine editor. His work has featured in the Times of London, Daily Mail, New Zealand Herald and America's massive Coast to Coast radio programme - to name a few. His books Totalitaria, Air Con and Vitamin D became Amazon bestsellers worldwide.

While writing his first book, The Paradise Conspiracy, Wishart's TVNZ office was discovered to have been bugged, his home was broken into, the manuscript for the book stolen, and an attempt was made on his life. Needless to say, he survived to write the story.

The first four chapters of The Paradise Conspiracy inspired movie director Geoff Murphy ("Young Guns II", "Under Siege 2") to produce the movie "Spooked" starring Cliff Curtis ("Runaway Jury", "Live Free or Die Hard") in a loose portrayal of Wishart's role as an investigative journalist.

He's been shot at, tear-gassed and stalked, but Wishart says his motivation remains telling the stories that "need to be told", whether its new leads on cold case murders, or government espionage.

“A thorough summary of the current state of the debate, the science and the politics; it will be an important reference” - Vox Day, WorldNetDaily
“It is the closest thing to a John Grisham novel, but it is the real thing” - The Times,
“Wishart isn’t afraid to state what so many of America’s anti-investigative journalists prefer to ignore” - The American Thinker
“A really gripping read” - Helen Weathers, Daily Mail, London
“Sensational stuff and hard to fault. Wishart is a professional” - Bruce Jesson,
The Republican
“An amazing story” - London Evening Standard
“Undoubtedly, when Wishart hits, he hits big...a stellar piece of journalism”
- Southland Times
“An incredibly surprising book, and a very relevant book, and a very important book”
-Anna Smart, Newstalk ZB