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CASE STUDY: 13 year old Auckland schoolgirl was breaking a $399 Samsung J-series every four months on average. Switched to a rugged phone and no further breakages in two years. ESTIMATED SAVINGS: $2000

If your teen is costing you a fortune in broken phones, one of these will do the trick...(the Kidsafe watch is designed as a safe, no-internet, first phone for pre-teens)

The Best Rugged Phones for teens


We all know how how rough kids and teens can be on phones. An ordinary smartphone from the big telcos with enough features to avoid embarrassment in the schoolyard will set you back $599-$999, but teens break them easily - one who shall remain nameless went through a phone every four months!

For less than $799, choose one of these endurance phones. Both the AGM and Blackview models are ideal for school students, for different reasons. Kids spend huge amounts of time 'on screen', with the potential for causing excessive eye damage by the time they are 30. Both models offer "night mode" to reduce harsh glare. The Blackview has the extra protection of a Blue Light filter that reduces dangerous blue light emissions. You are protecting your child's eyesight.

In the unlikely event that your child succeeds in smashing a Blackview it is easy and much cheaper to repair than a big brand telco phone.

The AGM appeals to teens because it looks like a slim phone not a rugged phone, but it is tough. It is ideal for city kids as an urban rugged phone.

If you only want a basic dumbphone for your child, the Kidsafe Watch works on 2Degrees and Vodafone for calls and texts to parentally approved numbers and is trackable using an app.

New Zealand's leading provider of rugged smartphones

Fully compatible with NZ and AU networks: we've done the homework to source precisely the right model variants so you don't end up with an expensive brick that doesn't work here. All models carry a 12 month NZ warranty. A must have for: Tradies, farmers, Hunters, Trampers, Search, Rescue & Emergency personnel, skiers, boaties, bushwalkers, and you

You've got to see these torture-tests:

The Outdoor Phone Store NZ from Ian Wishart on Vimeo.

What our customers are saying...

I mostly see queries here that have apparently come from either ‘newish’, or prospective customers – nothing wrong with that! But having owned an AGM that I purchased from Ian at the start of May last year, I just felt compelled to comment on how stoked I am with it. Yes the product is awesome, but I really have found the back-up to be spot on too. While the phone hasn’t missed a beat, I’ve had a couple of minor network issues I didn’t fully understand and Ian personally talked me through them – very patiently and with easy, successful outcomes. Ian very obviously knows what he’s about and looks after his customers. I will have absolutely no worries about buying from him in the future, or recommending him to others. Excellent value for money!

George W

A wee story supporting the claims of these phone. About a month ago now, I was on Mt Taranaki checking Bells Falls. I climbed up to the base of the falls to get a photo to indicate the current flow rate over the falls. After taking the photo on my phone I placed the phone on a rock about 1.5 meters above the river and took my proper camera out of my back.
While I was setting this camera on the tripod, another person came up to talk to me, they knocked the phone off the rock and into the river. The phone was washed down stream along the rocky river bed for about 5 meters before coming to rest in a rock pool. I walked down stream to the pool and recovered the phone, gave it a wipe down and apart from a couple of dings on the protective face cover, no problems it is still working like a dream. Well done Blackview.

Jim from Carters

Ian …you rock , after all that you have been through and obviously with no fault from you, at all…. you really went out of your way for me ,came and meet me , face to face and made me a very happy chappy, this phone is better than in every way the Best phone I’ve ever tried your a straight up front dude alright big respect thank you

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It's not something we shout about, but we've been in the mobile phone business for a very long time. Investigate's smartphone division is run by Ian and Heidi Wishart; Heidi's background in telecommunications for Bellsouth Mobile and Clear, and Ian's connection to the establishment of NZ's first mobile phone network (Telecom 025) proved invaluable when the couple began operating a Vodafone affiliate in 1999. Since then we've sold a wide range of phones and tablets to clients all over NZ. Today, we specialise in providing handsets that work on ALL the networks - Spark, Vodafone and 2Degrees, giving you options you can't get from the telcos' own stores. All phones come with a 12 month genuine NZ service warranty (not a 'we'll send it to China and call you in three months' warranty), and our prices include GST for tax deductibility for business use.


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