Show Me The Money, Honey by Ian Wishart


the truth about big pharma’s war on salt, chocolate, cholesterol & the natural health products that could save your life

Salt. Sugar. Fats. We spend trillions on health globally,  but what haven’t you been told? Just how bad are our diets, and just how good are the natural products we reach for? A compelling investigation into  ‘bad’ foods and natural supplements. Discover what the science really says…



You know the drill: we live demanding urban lives, we don’t see the sun, we eat highly processed foods because we are too busy to cook from scratch, and we know we are not as healthy as we could be. So we pop a pill.

The elixir of life in an oil-filled capsule.

Or is it?

As bestselling author and investigative journalist Ian Wishart discovers, virtually everything we know about health is being turned on its head. New medical studies are bringing salt, fat and even dairy in from the cold – could the dominant health message of the past 50 years be wrong?

What does it all mean? And as we keep on popping those supplements costing us sixty or a hundred dollars a month, are they actually delivering benefit?

As we move into a post-antibiotic era where even a simple scratch could turn fatal, we need to know which natural remedies work, and which don’t.

Before you spend another cent on supplements, let’s see how much bang you are getting for your buck….

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