Fly By Night by Chris Reid


One of the best business books to come out of NZ this year

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 Fly By Night: From Austin 1300s to Boeings – the untold story of DHL and the Kiwi who helped turn it into a global giant
THE SECRETS OF SUCCESSChris Reid was pretty much your typical kiwi kid, but in 1975, something would happen that changed his world and impacted millions.

Reid, with his trusty Austin 1300 car, became one of the first courier drivers for a tiny company in London calling itself DHL.

Pulling in mates from New Zealand, Australia and the UK, Reid and his gritty band of colonials helped turn DHL’s London office into the heart of a global empire that today operates jets, helicopters, boats and drones.

How did they do it?

This inspirational story of how Reid battled governments and international laws to make courier services legal shows that you can’t stop an idea whose time has come…


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