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  1. Hello Ian,

    Having read your fine book “The Inside Story” about the Crewe murders. I think you are on to it, but I still wonder where, how, and why the bodies were taken to the Waikato river.

    To try and answer my own questions –

    Where? – The weighted bodies were found 5 and 10 Kms downstream of the Tuakau Bridge. The nearest point of the river from the Crewe’s house is about 7 Kms by road, and more than 20 Kms from where they were found. It is unlikely that the bodies drifted that far. They were most likely taken to and dropped off the bridge.

    How? More than one vehicle may have been used, and more than two people to lift and carry two dead bodies (about 150 Kgs, plus axles).

    Why? With available vehicles and manpower, the further away the better. Though there are forested areas and creeks nearby, the might Waikato was the best option.

    “Look after our own” is built-in Police DNA at command level, internationally.
    It’s certainly not unique to New Zealand. However, our Police do use and abuse it occasionally, and don’t press charges, when they should.

    Maybe they have too much authority. I am still mystified how one Policeman could prevent a trained and ready Rescue Team from attempting to rescue their colleagues at Pike River mine.

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