More is still to come for flooding in Pakistan

By Nadeem Sarwar

Islamabad (dpa) – A second wave of floods is passing through

Pakistan’s rivers and may affect more areas in the central province

of Punjab, the head of the Pakistan Meterological Department said


   “The worst is not over yet. The next 10 days will be very crucial

because the second wave of floods is right now passing through Punjab

and might impact the southern parts of the province,” Qamar-u-Zaman

Chaudhry said.

   Chaudhry said that the water was surging in the River Chenab and

might hit Multan, a city of more than 4.5 million people. “Even

though the authorities have made some breaches to ease the water

pressure, water can still hit the city.”

   The situation was also tense around the Indus River, with water

flows of  more than 22,656 cubic metres per second in Punjab’s

Chashma area.

   The first wave of floods triggered by heavy monsoon rains earlier

this month have devastated large areas in Pakistan, affecting 14

million people and leaving 1,600 dead.

   The United Nations have made an emergency appeal for 460 million

dollars to provide critical assistance for 6 million flood victims. A

delay in the response could result in a second wave of deaths in

flood-affected areas, the UN warned.