11 injured in Hong Kong acid assault

Hong Kong (dpa) – A self-proclaimed gang member who injured 11

people after throwing acid in a busy market was sentenced to 13 and a

half years in prison, a news report said Tuesday.

   Ken Chi, 29, attacked stall owner Chan Chi-ming with sulphuric

acid in a dispute over money in September, also splashing 10 other

people, the South China Morning Post reported.

   Chan and a woman from China, Li Juan, were the most severely

injured, suffering permanent scars to their faces and bodies after

surgery to remove dead tissue. The woman’s husband has since refused

to touch her and they have reportedly separated.

   The judge rejected defence pleas for mitigation. The court heard

that Chan borrowed an unspecified amount of money from another man,

nicknamed ‘Fei Lung’ in 2006 who later demanded 400,000 Hong Kong

dollars (51,262 dollars). Chan eventually paid 20,000 Hong Kong

dollars to settle the debt.

   But Chi, claiming to be a member of Fei Lung’s gang, approached

Chan tried to collect the outstanding amount. 

He was arrested after attacking Chan with a knife, but was given

four days bail when he appeared in court. He then went to Chan’s

stall with a flask of acid, which he threw in the victim’s face

before fleeing the scene but was arrested by two off-duty policemen

who heard the commotion.

   The court was told Chi had 21 previous convictions, for offences

including fraud, robbery and assault.