Six american teenagers drown during family picnic

Six teenagers trying to cool off in the hot,

humid summer of the Deep South drowned in a swimming accident on a

river in Louisiana.

   The youths, ages 13 to 18 and all from two families, died in the

Red River near Shreveport in north-western Louisiana on Tuesday.

   The tragedy started when a group of seven youths were playing in

the river, and one boy struggled in deep water. The other teenagers

tried to go to his aid, only to find themselves in trouble.

   Only a seventh, a 15-year-old boy, survived from the group, none

of whom could swim. He survived because an adult on the riverbank

spotted him, threw out a flotation vest and pulled him to safety.

   The dead were three brothers from one family, plus a girl from

another family and her two brothers.

   The two families had gone to picnic and play in the water. The

parents were present but also could not swim, rescue workers told a

local television station.