Russel Brand in space

By Andy Goldberg

Los Angeles (dpa) – Comedian Russell Brand is set to become the

first cosmic comic after his girlfriend splashed out 200,000 dollars

to buy him a ride on the Virgin Galactic space vehicle, it was

revealed Friday.

Celebrity site E! News reported that Perry decided to get the

space ticket as a present for Brand’s 35th birthday.

“It is true,” Virgin Galactic rep Louella Faria told E! News. “We

are very excited to have him on board.”

The flight will take Brand some 11 kilometres above earth where

the spacecraft will fly at over three times the speed of sound

outside the earth’s atmosphere, allowing occupants to experience

weightlessness for about five minutes before returning to earth.

No date was given for the planned flight, but Brand will

reportedly have to undergo three days of astronaut training before

embarking on the space adventure.