Climate change UN IPCC report slammed as out of date

On the Ian Wishart radio show tonight…

Are we spending too much on strengthening buildings against earthquakes? We speak to the author of a controversial cost-benefit study that reveals New Zealanders may have to pay ten BILLION dollars to save a handful of lives…listen in and have your say at 10pm.

Also tonight: The UN IPCC climate report has been generating predictable Apocalypse Now headlines in the puppet news media, but what is the report really saying? A former Minister of Science speaks out.

Plus: Shane Jones could be Labour’s first Prime Minister since Helen Clark. Meet the man who’s learnt a lot from his mistakes, an exclusive interview tonight at 10pm…

And: Four weeks on, what don’t we know about Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370? Aviation expert Ewan Wilson revisits the mystery and reviews the week’s discoveries.

Listen: to new music from Holly Christina, and the Friday funny.

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