Is this Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 – photos released

Australia’s Maritime Safety Authority has just released photos of the suspected aircraft wreckage located in the southern Indian Ocean, which Prime Minister Tony Abbott says could be what’s left of the missing jetliner.


One piece of debris, filmed by spy satellites four days ago on 16 March, measures 24 metres, while another large piece has been photographed nearby.

The Crew of a US Navy Poseidon P-8 have reportedly picked up radar reflections of an object just beneath the surface of the ocean. Surveillance craft from the US, Australia and New Zealand are combing the area for more debris.

The missing jetliner disappeared March 8 with 239 people on board.

Debate has raged over whether the disappearance resulted from a criminal act or an accident.

Merchant and naval ships have been diverted to the search area, another indication that authorities are taking this debris seriously, because of its size and location on a possible trajectory of the missing aircraft.