Climate change and global governance linked to green religion

HALLOWEEN SHOCKER – New Book Links Green Religion to UN Global Governance Agenda

An explosive new book says the United Nations has rolled out a global education policy designed to indoctrinate children to accept a planned world government regime.

Revelations are made in the new book “Totalitaria: What If The Enemy Is The State?” by award-winning investigative journalist and bestselling author Ian Wishart.

The book reveals the policy is part of Agenda 21 and also the UN’s world education curriculum, and it has been implemented in New Zealand as part of NCEA national standards and will underpin the controversial “Common Core” education standards in the USA.

Journalist Ian Wishart says the agenda actually stretches back almost to the inception of the United Nations:

“Back in the 1950s the top officials in the United Nations came up with a very long term plan to change the world to accept a global ruler. They felt the only way to bring world peace was to bring in some form of global government based on new spiritual values of peace and love. In the book I quote the UN officials and their documents on this.

“They figured out the most strategic way to force this change was to build up public fear about different world problems, so that eventually people would practically beg for global government – which, of course, the UN was perfectly placed to provide.”

Among the crisis opportunities they seized on was climate change.

“Back in the late 1960s a group of socialist politicians and UN bureaucrats began planning for a massive conference on the environment in 1972 – the first to raise the issue of climate and the environment. The bureaucrats wrote that if they could get people worried about “sustainability”, it would lead them towards the desired goal. This set in train a series of policies leading to the Rio Earth Summit in 1992 and specifically Agenda 21.
Under Agenda 21 and the United Nations World Education Curriculum, schools are required to socially engineer children to regard their responsibility to the planet as ‘spiritual’ and ‘sacred’.”

One Agenda 21 document quoted in the book, for example, stresses the importance of using schools to change “attitudes” worldwide.

“While basic education provides the underpinning for any environ¬mental and development education, the latter needs to be incorporated as an essential part of learning. Both formal and non-formal education are indispensable to changing people’s attitudes.”

In simple terms, says Wishart, “a group of green religious fundamentalists has been driving global education and environmental policies for several decades with the express aim of converting children to their green religious beliefs. And it’s working.”

As proof of the policy in action, the Totalitaria book includes New Zealand high school NCEA year 12 exam papers where students were taught that Judeo-Christian religions “exploit, manipulate and control…they have the right to dominate all walks/forms of life”, while nature religions have a “spiritual worldview…this promotes interconnectedness and the belief that Man and Earth are a ‘whole’.”

“The Indigenous worldview (aboriginal, native American) is a very spiritual, harmonious worldview.”

Students were given “Excellence” grades for answers reflecting the above teachings, and they were asked to compare the nature religions with Capitalism:

“When comparing and contrasting the capitalist world view to the Indigenous (aboriginal, Native American) world view I believe the latter (Indigenous) to be a far more sustainable way of living for these reasons.”

In Totalitaria, Wishart lays out policy documents and statements by UN officials and education officials around the world clearly detailing the agenda to convert the population en masse to accept the need for a new form of international government based on new education and “new values”.

By Ian Wishart
Howling At The Moon Publishing
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  1. The NZ Education system was very much indocrinated with U.N. Propaganda. Even back in the the 1970s. Compared to the OZ education system of the period.

    Now the UN and Green Eco facist propaganda is just about a religion now being taught at many schools here in NZ.

    And as we know a large percentage of it has nothing to do wih truth or facts. It’s an ideology.

    When the US White House admitted recently. Climate Change wasn’t about facts. It was about marketing. Then it’s more obvious than ever. The whole thing is a stinking scam politized propaganda ridden Agenda.

    Attempted Global Governance has never giving peace in the passed. And it won’t in the future.
    It’s a recipe for the most oppressive regime ever to befall Planet Earth.

    The UN’s own Policies have called for World’s depopulation to save Gaia. Down to less than 2 Billion people. There’s No human rights or love for humanity from hardcore ECO Gaia Control Freaks.

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