Smartgate SG1 – its a winner

Customs Minister Maurice Williamson says results from a trial of the next generation of SmartGate technology will now be analysed by Customs.


A prototype called SmartGate Plus, which eliminates the need for a ticket kiosk and makes self-processing at the border a one step process, was installed for four months at Auckland International Airport for departures.


“During the four month trial almost 38,000 people used SmartGate Plus and feedback received from travellers was overwhelmingly positive.


“I’m pleased we have been able to offer this opportunity to travellers and that they have been so keen to participate in the trial of this world leading technology,” says Mr Williamson.


A number of adjustments were made over the trial of the gate to improve reliability and performance, and improve the user experience.  Morpho Australasia, the supplier of SmartGate, will incorporate these changes into their design of a production gate.


“An analysis of the trial is underway and this will inform the Government on whether to proceed with moving to this next generation technology,” Mr Williamson says.


SmartGate uses the information in ePassports and facial recognition technology to perform customs and immigration checks.  The technology improves border security by allowing Customs to focus on high-risk travellers.


Almost seven million people have used SmartGate since its introduction in 2009.