The one question Len Brown refuses to answer

Embattled Auckland mayor Len Brown appeared on TV show Campbell Live and asked voters to trust him, but there’s one big question he still refuses to answer.

This afternoon, InvestigateDaily asked the mayor and his media advisor for a response to the following question:

Can Mayor Brown confirm that he has not had sexual relations of any kind with any other woman in the past four years, other than his wife and Ms Chuang? InvestigateDaily will be posting the question online at 3pm if it remains unanswered by then

With a majority of the public questioning the mayor’s integrity and suggesting he needed to resign, InvestigateDaily has published commentary from rivals who suggest he should stay.

But at the same time, the mayor needs to be honest with his city. Was the Bevan Chuang affair a one-off, or part of a pattern of misconduct?

As of 4.15pm, the question remained unanswered, and the media team who had responded within minutes to our questions earlier this week are not taking our calls. Nor has Len Brown responded to the email cc’d to him.