Wanganui survives a 20 year flood event

Civil Defence Minister Nikki Kaye says good planning has helped in the response to the state of local emergency that was lifted at 2.30pm today.

“The Horizons District Council has done excellent work predicting river levels from rain within the catchment areas,” Ms Kaye says.

“This allowed the Wanganui District Council to declare a state of local emergency at 3.30pm on Tuesday to ensure evacuations could take place before the Whanganui River reached its predicted peak.

“Good planning and preparation are the key to ensuring civil defence emergency events run efficiently. I know there has been very good liaison between the Horizons Regional Council and Wanganui District Council and a lot has been learned from the 1990 floods that so badly affected this area.

“Today I have spoken to the Mayor Annette Main and Whanganui MP Chester Borrows, who have visited some of the most affected parts along the Whanganui River.

“They have told me that everyone is very grateful for the support from the New Zealand Army in sandbagging areas of the river and that this has greatly reduced the impacts of flooding.

“I would like to thank everyone who has been involved in managing this state of local emergency and congratulate them on managing it so effectively.

“I understand there are communities in the region likely to be affected for several days, such as Turakina Beach and Whangaehu, and they will receive all the help they need.”