Indonesian man mauled by tiger

Jakarta (dpa) – A tiger mauled a man to death in Aceh province on
Indonesia’s northern island of Sumatra, state media said Thursday.

The victim, Cut Hasan, 48, is believed to have been attacked
Tuesday while herding buffaloes in Pidie district, the state-run
Antara news agency reported.

According to the local village head, locals discovered Hasan’s
body on Wednesday with some body parts missing.

Environmentalists have long blamed the destruction of the Sumatran
tigers’ habitat by illegal logging and palm oil plantations for the
attacks on humans.

The World Wide Fund for Nature say there are around 400 tigers
left in the wild on Sumatra.

Environmentalists have warned that the tiger population in Sumatra
will continue to decline unless serious efforts are made against
illegal hunting. Tigers also lost due to retaliatory killings when
the animals come into conflict with villagers.