How safe are taxi drivers?

Taxi driver safety review underway 

Associate Transport Minister Michael Woodhouse today announced that a planned review of taxi driver safety is underway.

The review will assess the extent that in-vehicle taxi cameras and monitored two-way taxi despatch systems have improved safety for taxi drivers and identify any possible improvements.

“When these two safety provisions we made compulsory in 2011, the Government committed to reviewing their effect in 2013, and we are delivering on that.

“The two provisions were mandated by the Government in response to a disturbing spate of violent, including fatal, attacks on taxi drivers.

“Since then, informal evidence indicates drivers feel safer, passengers are less likely to run without paying, and assaults have decreased overall. Camera footage has also helped police identify and apprehend several violent passengers around New Zealand.

The review will seek the views of taxi operators and approved taxi organisations, as well as the police and a number of government agencies. It is planned for completion by mid-December and findings will be considered early in the new year.

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