Email scam hits NZ: We are all Nigerians now

There’s a new twist on the old Nigerian email scams – the blighters are now nicking the identities of New Zealanders and posting millions of spam emails in our names.

Manawatu woman Maria Puklowski was stunned this morning to discover she is apparently very rich, according to the latest email scam doing the rounds:


 My name is Mrs. Maria Puklowski from New Zealand. I have a sensitive and confidential business worth US$12.7M and it will be of great financial benefits to both of us, the message content may sound strange but I can assure you that it is 100% legitimate. For more details, kindly respond back to my email.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Yours Sincerely

Maria Puklowski

The email carried a hotmail address very similar to one used by Maria Puklowski’s daughter, and has evidently been circulating internationally since at least late July.

“You are frigging kidding me??” Ms Puklowski told InvestigateDaily when we broke the news. “I’d love to be that rich!”

Ms Puklowski says she will be approaching police to find out whether there is anything she can do.

“I don’t even have a computer,” she remarked.