Another fisk of Ken Perrott – the climate denier gift that keeps on giving

Every now and then, a climate denier comes along and presents himself as a gift that’s just too good to ignore.

Ken Perrott of the OpenParachute blog is one such gift.

First, he was in denial of discrepancies in the temperature records.

Then, he was in denial of the limited effect of human CO2 emissions on climate, as documented in peer-reviewed papers.

Now, he’s in denial that there’s been no significant global warming since the 1990s – a trend that even NASA’s James Hansen has recently conceded…and he’s in denial that the latest ‘hockey stick’ study by Shaun Marcott has been discredited, even though Marcott himself was forced to admit over the weekend that the data did not support his claims.

Ken Perrott is also in denial that Michael Mann’s original ‘hockey stick’ study has been discredited, even though anyone with eyes could see that warm temperatures a thousand years ago mysteriously disappeared from Mann’s graph, despite remaining on hundreds of other published scientific studies.

The discreditation of Mann’s hockey stick has been widely published in official reports, books and papers…but as I said, one doesn’t even have to go that far. By making the Medieval Warm Period disappear (even though the warmth appears in his own raw data), Mann achieves a hockey stick effect with a blade spiking upward in the 20th century.

The Climategate papers from the University of East Anglia are rife with discussions by climate scientists – Mann’s colleagues – on how to make the MWP disappear. The same climategate emails also cast doubt on Mann’s work. As a climate denier, however, Ken doesn’t read such things. His attachment to climate change is religious in nature, a show of faith perhaps.



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  1. As usual, you seem to have nailed down an absurdity. In this case it is the absurdity of climate “denial” – the denial of truth – and yes, you would thus seem to be correct in suggesting that “His attachment to climate change is religious in nature, a show of faith perhaps.”.

    Some people (not me, you understand) might say that it would probably be more accurate to describe the absurdity as a fixation upon a particular, Fascist religio-political ideology – a form of Lysenkoism, but I couldn’t possibly comment as this might be construed as committing a thought crime.

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