Blatant plug for Girl Guide biscuits – time running out

Since March 1st, Kiwis around the country have been relishing the much-awaited taste of deliciously crunchy Guide Biscuits.


But as much as we’d like Guide Biscuits to be available all year around, they’re only available for a limited time – just until the end of March. So if you’re a Guide Biscuit fanatic (hard not to be!), make sure you get in quick and stock up before the end of this month.


You can feel great about your purchase, because Guide Biscuits are really much more than ‘just biscuits’.


GirlGuiding New Zealand relies on Guide Biscuit sales for over 55% of its annual revenue, all of which goes toward providing future Kiwi women with hands-on experiences that allow them to discover their potential, develop confidence, and participate in programmes that contribute to the community.


So make sure you replenish your Guide Biscuit supplies before the month is out – you can buy all three flavours from Girl Guides in the community, or your local Postie or Mad Butcher store.


Call in to the brand new Guide Biscuits website – – to find out more, or visit