Kate and William’s royal baby clue – it’s a girl

Britain’s Sun newspaper is tonight reporting the royal couple, William and Kate, may be having a baby girl.

Kate Middleton in Grimsby

At a public meet and greet earlier today, Kate Middleton accepted a teddy bear from a fan with the words, “I’ll save that for my d…I mean baby”.

Sandra Cook, who was standing next to the princess and overheard the comment, told Princess Catherine, “You nearly slipped up there, you were going to say daughter, weren’t you.”

According to Cook, the Duchess of Cambridge just smiled and said “What do you mean? We don’t know yet.”

“I teased her and said, ‘Oh, I think you do’ – to which still smiling she replied, ‘We’re not telling’.”

The princess was hospitalised in December with severe morning sickness, often linked to either twins or baby girls. The baby is due in July.

Last year, at the urging of New Zealand Prime Minister John Key, the Commonwealth approved a change in succession laws allowing a firstborn female child of a monarch to become first in the line of succession.

Those laws have since been passed by Australia, New Zealand the UK and Canada.

Kate Middleton in Grimsby