The Briefing goes live

Investigate Daily’s online newspaper The Briefing has gone live.

The Briefing is an evolution from its predecessor TGIF Edition, and brings together highlights from news events – particular in the area of climate change and vitamin d research – as well as analysis on current global and Australasian issues.

Investigate Daily said it made the decision to re-brand and re-design The Briefing as a consolidation of a number of smaller digital products the company was offering. “It seemed logical to put everything under one heading,” said editor Ian Wishart.

The Briefing is free and can either be downloaded as a PDF or watched online as a digital newspaper.

Download PDF version here: BriefingIssue04March13

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  1. Thanks for this. I’ve just added it to my newsfeed, and will watch with interest. Well done with Investigate (or His/Hers) – IO enjoy it also and it is a common talking point. Cheers

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