FBI case against MegaUpload’s Kim Dotcom on verge of collapse

New Zealand’s chief high court judge has ruled the joint FBI/Crown raids on the 35 million dollar mansion owned by Megaupload founder Kim Doctom were illegal.

Justice Winkelman has just ruled the search warrants used to justify the raids were not valid.

The implications from that are that materials and evidence seized during the raids were obtained illegally by prosecutors.

This is a developing story….

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  1. How ironic could it be that the combined might of the FBI, the US Attorney-General, the powerful movie/recording industries of the USA, and certain elements of the NZ Police have been caught red-handed breaking the law in their attempts to jail Mr. DotCom because they claim he’s violated their interpretation of the copyright laws.

    Now, they’ve been shown to have breached even more fundamental laws AND the copyright laws in their eagerness to arraign Mr. DotCom.

    Now, their extradition application has been seen to be invalid.

    Now, their search warrents have be shown to be illegal and illegally carried out.

    Now, their act of sending copies of the DotCom Hard drives to the USA has been shown to be an illegal act, and a contempt of the NZ Courts.

    Should they now take themselves to court for the same crime they ascribe to Mr. DotCom?

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