Tebonin: the new ‘smart’-drug?

The battle to employ more natural ingredients – rather than synthetic chemicals – in the fight against disease and aging has taken a new twist with the latest research on a particular Ginkgo biloba extract.

A German pharmaceutical company has perfected a concentrated optimum dose of the Ginkgo extract EGb 761, which has shown in medical studies to have a significant impact in support of anti-aging.

While Ginkgo has generally received positive press about improving brain function, you could take bucketloads of the stuff and not see the kind of results that the new product Tebonin EGb 761 is achieving thanks to the way it has been extracted and optimized.

In clinical studies, patients receiving Tebonin have displayed a marked improvement in blood flow to the brain – one of the critical areas in maintaining cognitive ability and alertness. And that’s in comparison to other less potent types of Ginkgo.

For those wanting the nitty gritty, a study by Schafer et al noted EGb761 has an “immediate intervention effect into plaque formation at the very earliest stages of arteriosclerosis” which, in English, means it can prevent the formation of plaque in your blood vessels thus maintaining circulation to your grey matter.

The study concludes that EGb 761 is an effective preventive for “arteriosclerosis and aging” (in the blood vessel sense).

By helping keep blood vessels clear, Tebonin reduces stress on the heart and circulatory system and helps tissue to stay healthy – a reduced blood flow would mean the peripheral edges close to the skin are not getting the optimum nutrients and oxygen, and thus start to degenerate (age) faster.

Tebonin’s main use, up to now, has been in treating the symptoms of tinnitus – ringing in the ears – and vertigo, but it’s the other benefits now coming to light that suggest it could be much more valuable to the wider population.

Mental acuity has been shown to improve by up to 30% in EGb 761 users, which is a substantial jump on your competitors if being alert and on to it are important. Specific research has shown benefits for people working in front of computers, and there’s even research linking Tebonin use to a better golf game!

Unlike most other natural remedies which, when clinically tested, fall over, Tebonin has repeatedly performed under scientific scrutiny. Natural ingredient, but intelligently designed for optimum effectiveness.