Crafar farms deal treasonous, says Winston Peters

Crafar Farms Deal Economic Treason, Says Peters (release)

New Zealand First has described the sale of the Crafar farms to the China state owned company Shanghai Pengxin as economic treason.

Rt Hon Winston Peters says the sale announcement was delayed until after the election because John Key did not have the guts to tell New Zealanders he was selling their country out beneath their feet.

“New Zealanders have every reason to feel outraged and betrayed. Our country is being run for the benefit of foreign companies and the international money industry.

“We call on every concerned citizen to flood the Prime Minister and every National MP with messages of disgust at their lack of loyalty to the country they live in.”

Mr Peters says even the way the farms were sold stinks because every dairy farmer in New Zealand knows the best way to get a good price for land is to offer it to the neighbours.

“The farms are spread over a wide area yet they were offered as a single block. This makes absolutely no sense and there is outrage in the rural sector about the way this deal is being handled.”

Mr Peters also says New Zealanders have the right to be told all the details and the politics of the sale of the Crafar farms so they can get a true picture of the way the country is being run to suit vested interests.

“This is a bitterly sad day for New Zealand and there is more to come with our profitable power companies next on the block.”