MI5 cites Chinese spying on Brit business

LONDON, Jan. 31 (UPI) – China is running a massive program to spy on British business executives and hack into their computers, leaked intelligence documents indicate.

A report written by the British spy agency MI5 and leaked to The Sunday Times of London asserts that undercover Chinese intelligence officers have bugged and burglarized China offices of British executives and have used sexual entrapment to lure them into compromising situations in which they can be blackmailed for commercial secrets.

The MI5 document also reportedly alleges that People’s Liberation Army and Ministry of Public Security agents have approached British businessmen at trade fairs to offer them gifts and lavish hospitality, in which they are given cameras and computer memory sticks implanted with malicious software to provide remote access to their computers.

The Sunday Times reported that M15 report, written by its Center for the Protection of National Infrastructure, contends the situation represents one of the most significant espionage threats to the U.K.