101-year-old woman evicted from her home

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Detroit, MI, United States

DETROIT, Jan. 22 (UPI) —

A 101-year-old woman who authorities promised could move back into her Detroit home after being evicted four months ago has not yet been allow to return.
Texana Hollis’ home was foreclosed on by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development after her son, Warren Hollis, 65, failed to pay $7,000 in property taxes to keep a reverse mortgage, The Detroit News reported Sunday.
Soon after the eviction, HUD spokesman Brian Sullivan said Hollis could live in her house for as long as she wants — but that was before HUD evaluated the property.
We saw a house that was completely unsuitable for a person to live in, Sullivan said. We can’t allow someone to live in that [atmosphere] now that we are essentially the owners of the property. The home isn’t safe; it’s not sanitary. It’s certainly not suitable for anyone to live in, especially not a 101-year-old mother.
It is unclear as to when, or if, Hollis will be able to move back into her home.
We’re not giving up, Sullivan said. We’re talking with anybody and everybody about solutions to this situation, but the condition of the property is a challenge.
Since being evicted, Hollis has been living with her longtime friend and neighbor, Pollian Cheeks, 68, who has a spare room in her home with an adjustable bed.
Polly’s just as nice to me as anybody could be. She goes out of her way to help me, Hollis said, holding back tears. It’s just like living at home, but it’s not my home.