UK Green Police raid home of climate blogger, seize computers

British police have raided the home of a climate sceptic blogger and seized his computers, in the wake of the Climategate 2.0 scandal that broke late last month.

The story has been confirmed by US-based climate blogger Anthony Watts, who writes:

“The first blogger to break the Climategate2 story has had a visit from the police and has had his computers seized. Tallbloke’s Talkshop first reported on CG2 due to the timing of the release being overnight in the USA. Today he was raided by six UK police (Norfolk Constabulary and Metropolitan police) and several of his computers were seized as evidence. He writes:

After surveying my ancient stack of Sun Sparcstations and PII 400 pc’s, they ended up settling for two laptops and an adsl broadband router. I’m blogging this post via my mobile.

“That means his cellphone. In his blog report are all the details. including actions in the US involving WordPress and the US Department of Justice. Jeff Id at The Air Vent also has a report here.”

It seems the star advertisement at last year’s Superbowl may have been closer to the mark than people thought:

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