Chris Kahui attempts to block Coroner’s report release

Lawyers for Chris Kahui have filed proceedings for a High Court judicial review of the Coroner’s report into the deaths of his twins.

Preview copies of the Coroner’s report have been released to affected parties in the inquest, and the report is understood to make significant adverse comment against Chris Kahui. The report was due to be released publicly but that’s now on hold pending a court hearing.

Lawyers spoken to by 3News indicated that comment could go as far as culpability.

Kahui cannot be retried for the twin’s murders, because of double jeopardy rules, but he could face fresh charges of failing to provide the necessaries of life, after admitting that he failed to take the children to hospital despite a life-threatening medical incident in the house while he was looking after them.

Kahui was acquitted of their murders in 2008 but did not take the stand to give evidence. He was compelled to give evidence before the Coroner however.

Details of what Kahui said are contained in the new book “Breaking Silence: The Kahui Case”, which analysed court and coronial evidence in the case and combined it with information provided by the twins’ mother, Macsyna King.

The book was the centre of a misguided Facebook boycott, although many boycotters have since read the book and hailed the book’s publication.

Under the rules of natural justice, parties adversely affected by the findings of a Commission of Inquiry or Coronial inquest are given an opportunity to preview the document. Macsyna King’s lawyer told One News tonight she had not been sent an advance copy of the Coroner’s findings.