A Brighter Future for families with National

National’s plan to build a brighter future for New Zealand families features in information going to households this weekend.

“Families work hard to balance their budgets and provide for their futures,” says National’s Campaign Chair Steven Joyce.

“National believes a strong, stable economy is central to New Zealand’s future prosperity too. That’s why we’re working hard to get back into surplus by 2014/15 and start repaying debt.

“We want to create an environment where businesses can thrive and the economy can grow, and we will ensure families can enjoy the benefits this will bring.

“For everyday Kiwi families, this means things like lower mortgage interest rates, lower taxes, more jobs, better public services, better roads, rail and fast broadband.

“It also means staying strong on crime to keep families safe in their homes and communities,” says Mr Joyce.

“National’s Plan for a Brighter Future for Families” postcard will be distributed to households nationwide this weekend.

“We think it’s important that New Zealand families have an opportunity again to hear from National on issues that matter to them. They will get that opportunity this weekend.”