Hong Kong man threatens girlfriend with lethal injection for animals

Hong Kong (dpa) – A Hong Kong veteran who threatened to give his ex-girlfriend a lethal injection with a syringe used to put down animals was Monday jailed for two years.
Tsoi Sheung-ki, 37, kept 29-year-old Vanessa Chu captive in his clinic for six hours in August 2010, assaulting her and threatening her with a filled syringe used to euthanize sick pets.
The incident happened as the couple split up. Chu was working as an assistant in the animal hospital where Tsoi worked as a vet, Hong Kong’s District Court was told.
Tsoi was jailed for two years after being convicted of assault, false imprisonment and criminal intimidation. The judge said Chu was put in “great fear” by Tsoi’s actions.
Author: Hazel Parry