Chinese NZ party throws weight behind Conservative Party

The New Citizens Party executive board have confirmed the Party is withdrawing from the 2011 Election campaign.

Mr Paul Young, the New Citizens candidate who came a credible third behind National and Labour in the Botany by-election earlier this year, will now be running as a candidate for the Conservative Party instead.

“The values of New Citizens are very much aligned with the Conservative Party” says Mr Young, “we understand the importance of family, business, and everyone making a contribution.”

With the Conservative Party behind him, Mr Young is confident he can increase his vote on Election day in an electorate that has the highest immigrant population of any other (over 50%).

Mr Young speaks five languages: English, Mandarin, Taiwanese, Cantonese and Japanese, and has been a resident of the Botany electorate for 22 years. Mr Young is a well-known local personally who runs a local Photo Lab and studio. As well as having photographed thousands of local families he has also served on various boards including the Asian council on reducing crime.

Colin Craig, leader of the Conservative Party, says he is pleased that talks with the New Citizens Party have resulted in an outcome that will benefit the Botany electorate and the country.

“The New Citizens withdrawal in favour of the Conservative Party, gives immigrant voters a clear best option to vote for this election. The Conservative Party’s policies around family values, business enterprise, and law and order clearly tick the boxes for the majority of New Zealand immigrants” he says.

Mr Craig received strong support during the mayoral campaign from within the Asian and immigrant community, which has carried over to the Conservative Party.