Parents swapped twins to hide abuse

BLACKBURN, England, Oct. 11 (UPI) —
A British couple has been sentenced to five years in prison for swapping out their twin babies during medical visits to hide abuse.
Authorities said Mohammed Karolia, 29, and his wife Nafisa, 22, abused one of their children but cared for the other. The abused 7-month-old was found to have suffered from broken ribs, legs, arms, brain damage and injuries to the head, ears and nose before she died, London’s The Sun reported Tuesday.
The baby was rushed to a hospital when she stopped breathing and a post mortem revealed more than 20 injuries.
A social worker noticed a difference in the girl’s head, weight and height measurements taken prior to the incident, leading investigators to believe the parents swapped the girls for previous medical visits to hide injuries. The parents denied accusations of child cruelty.

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  1. The only possible good thing that can be said about this is that one of the children was unharmed. But eventually, she’ll hear about her sister and there’s no telling how she’ll react to it. She might feel survivor’s guilt, she might ask a lot of “what if” questions. And there won’t be any answers.

    And the babe who died would have been so scared. She wouldn’t have known what was happening or why, all she’d have known was that it hurt. And she was helpless, she couldn’t beg them to stop, she couldn’t run away for help, couldn’t defend herself in any way.

    No parent should be capable of doing that. The idea of child protection should be hard-wired into you, that you’d do pretty much anything to stop your child from coming to any harm. And if you look inside yourself and find that feeling is missing, you shouldn’t be a parent.

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