The Ian Wishart Show Special Edition 29 October 2015

Hi and welcome to a very special edition of the Ian Wishart show. Today we are exploring what I call Totalitaria, or what is often referred to by others as the so-called New World Order. It’s the stuff of late night radio shows, and I refer to it as “so-called” because it is right? Only conspiracy theorists use the phrase New World Order, or TV comedians showing pictures of people wearing tinfoil hats.

It’s easy to get a few laughs out of an audience, but we laugh more to reassure ourselves, I think, than for any other reason. If you’ve ever watched a nature documentary, you know that those on the fringes of the herd are the first to see incoming predators, while those at the centre of the herd see nothing and often don’t know what the fuss is all about. We desperately, deep down, want to believe that there is no conspiracy, that there is no New World Order, that everything is normal with the world, that Totalitaria is not just around the corner. It can’t be true, because that would literally mean our understanding of the world is fundamentally wrong.

If that’s the journey you want to stay on, then turn off this broadcast now. Stick with what the mainstream media tell you, and keep watching comedians make fun of those on the edges of the herd. In the language of the movie the Matrix – keep taking the blue pill.

Everyone else, buckle up – we’re taking a trip down the rabbit hole and by the end of this programme you will have a much better idea of how the world really works and what’s really coming down the tunnel toward you.

For those who don’t know me, in just a moment I’ll give you a little background. I offer it not to boast, but simply to head off at the pass the disinformation attempts and ad hominem attacks that will be made. After that, you will hear arguably one of the most revealing radio broadcasts in your life. I’m Ian Wishart, back in a moment.