UPDATED: Rena lurches to an 18 degree list – naval personnel still on board

UPDATED 11.40pm:
The stricken container ship Rena is becoming dangerously unstable on Astrolabe Reef in five metre swells and high winds, but New Zealand naval personnel remain on board the vessel in the treacherous conditions.

Maritime New Zealand is reporting tonight that Rena’s position has shifted further, from a 15 degree list early this evening to an 18 degree tilt to starboard, after earlier stablilising last night on a 4 degree list.

Rena pictured at an 11 degree list two days ago. PHOTO: Maritime NZ

The naval personnel on board are marine “architects” charged with monitoring the integrity of the ship’s hull. The growing tilt of the ship and stormy conditions make it likely some of the nearly 1400 containers on the vessel could slip off the edge overnight.


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  1. Thank you Investigate for keeping us all fully updated on the state of the vessel – filling in the gaps left by other News broadcasts. They are all playing ‘catch-up’ to your coverage.

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