Investigate magazine has this afternoon forwarded detailed information to Maritime New Zealand that stricken container ship RENA almost collided with an oil tanker the day before it ran aground on a reef near the New Zealand port of Tauranga.

The 37,000 tonne oil tanker, the TOREA, had left Dunedin on September 30 bound for Marsden Point.

An eyewitness has told the magazine that while the tanker was steaming north off the coast of Napier on October 2nd at a speed of 14 knots, the 47,000 tonne RENA cut across the TOREA’S bow from a starboard direction, at what appeared to be full speed.

Crew on the TOREA were forced to take immediate evasive action by performing a full circle turn to port, to avoid a collision between the oil tanker and the container ship.

This morning, using ship tracking software on the internet, Investigate was able to confirm the two ships were in the vicinity of Napier on October 2nd. Their respective positions are recorded below:


  1. Yes in NZ he might get a full telling off by a judge, and a $5000 fine. Maybe even PD or a year in jail. Not withstanding he has trashed Papamoa covering the beach and coastal ecosystem in oil, decimated an important local reef to the recreational fisherman, and affected thousands of people’s lives because he was probably smoking dope and playing cards downstairs. Looks like the Greeks are really applying austerity measures and hiringing philipino captains that have downloaded their qualifications off the Internet and have zero integrity. But hey, they save $60,000 a year on captain salary right? Oops. They just wrote off a boat….but then they have insurance so they lose nothing.

    On another note National better pull finger and look a lot more front footed. NZ wants to hear them calling for heads to roll and see full scale action. Positions get shot in the polls if they are not seen to be reacting to environmental disasters.

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