Matador recovering from being gored in face

ZARAGOZA, Spain, Oct. 8 (UPI) —
A Spanish matador was recovering from 5 hours of surgery after being maimed by a 1,120-pound bull during a fight in Zaragoza, a hospital spokesman said.
The bull’s left horn ripped into Juan Jose Padilla’s lower jaw and exited beside his left eye, Sky News reported Saturday.
Padilla escaped being pinned to the ground by the bull, named Marques, when bullring assistants distracted the animal.
Video footage from the fight shows the bloodied matador getting up from the ground saying, I can’t see, I can’t see anything.
Padilla suffered eye, bone, muscle and skin damage.
Surgeons reconstructed parts of Padilla’s face and eye socket using titanium plates and mesh. They also attempted to repair his ocular nerve, a hospital spokesman said.