Gardasil vaccine caught in new controversy


All around the world, the use of Gardasil has set in motion a storm of stories about serious reactions. As far as the medical systems worldwide are concerned, these stories are all scaremongering; the product of neurotic “helicopter” parents looking for excuses for what the system appears to believe are either adolescent drama-queening, or fateful coincidental events that would have happened anyway.

But what if Gardasil is not what parents were told it was? What if this graph (see ‘HPV4’ in figure 1) from the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System represents a real problem as yet officially unidentified?

Why would a vaccine with “nothing in it other than empty protein capsids”, cause more reactions than any other single vaccine in the American VAERS database?

The Tale of Two Girls.
In 2008, thousands of miles apart, two girls were receiving the full Gardasil series. In Toronto, Canada, 13 year old Sydney had her shots in June, August, and February 2009. Jasmine, in Wellington, New Zealand received hers in September, November and March 2009. Jasmine’s story is well known. After each vaccine she developed multiple health issues, all seemingly minor, but building into a larger picture. After her third vaccine, she rapidly declined with a type of cognitive disorder, joint pains, stomach pains, back pains, racing heart; a cold that lasted for weeks, and then Jasmine suddenly died.

In Toronto within 24 hours of being injected with her third dose, Sydney developed acute juvenile rheumatoid arthritis involving multiple joints. She was treated with Prednisone, Enbrel, and Methotrexate to no effect. Two years later, Sydney’s treating physician ordered an HPV DNA PCR blood test. Genomic DNA extracted, was found to be positive for HPV DNA. Sydney’s doctor was told this was impossible, since Gardasil did not contain DNA at all. Consequently, the blood sample was destroyed.

Sydney’s mother was confused as to how a 15 year old sexually inactive virgin could have HPV-DNA in her blood, so she contacted S.A.N.E-vax, and asked them how this could be. S.A.N.E-vax procured some vaccine in June 2011, and contracted Dr Sin Hang Lee, who had developed a “high fidelity” DNA test, to examine the samples and see what his HiFiDNA technology might find. Much to everyone’s surprise, HPV DNA was found for the HPV types 11, and 18. When submitted to GenBank, both sequences were found to match Merck Licenced genetically engineered HPV types in the reference library.

Extended coverage in latest issue (Oct/Nov 11) of Investigate HIS/HERS magazine


  1. There have been accusations of widespread corruption at several levels in connection with the promotion of Gardasil.
    It has not been shown to prevent one single case of cervical cancer. It has been shown to cause far more adverse effects than other vaccines. It has been shown to cause deaths.

    Long term side effects are unknown.

    It increases the risk of brain damage. It causes seizures. It causes outbreak of genital and facial warts. It probably increases the risk of blood clots. It possibly increases risk of miscarriage or babies born with anomalies.

    Seven out of ten get a new illness after taking the vaccine.

    If it is taken when HPV is already present it increases the risk of cancer by over 44%.

    It increases the risk of positive PAP smears. It is not tested to see if it causes cancer. It may also cause cancer through replacement (new virus strains which replace the ones removed may be more cancer causing). It may cause cancer due to the presence of recombinant (gene manipulated) DNA. Other consequences due to the presence of this DNA are unknown and may be horrific.

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