New fruit fly threat for NZ?

New Zealand may face a new fruit fly threat, because of a border-control failure by the Ministry for Primary Industries.

The Ministry for Primary Industries is not commenting on the allegations that it allowed a pallet of tropical fruit infested with larvae to be distributed to shops, because of the border-security mix up.

Sources have told InvestigateDaily a pallet of breadfruit from Tonga landed at Auckland Airport around three weeks ago and was earmarked for destruction after the discovery the fruit was contaminated.

Unfortunately, a paperwork error allowed the pallet to continue to its destination, for distribution out to fruit and vege shops around Auckland.

By the time the error was discovered, the sources say, the fruit had already been sold to anonymous customers.

InvestigateDaily asked MPI for comment but none has been forthcoming.

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  1. More Government negligence and/or crime. Even with taxes at 65% net – they still can’t do anything properly. At what point do we all admit the Govt is the biggest criminal gang in NZ- and must be held to account?

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