The Key Questions, 23 September 07

National Party leader John Key has stepped into the Maori burial case, telling police they must uphold the law and exhume the body of James Takamore.
Mr Takamore died two months ago and had expressed a wish for his body to be remain close to his wife and child in Christchurch. However, extended family members from the Bay of Plenty snatched the body, leading to a court dispute.
Now, Police are reportedly saying they will ignore a court order to exhume the body and send it back to his immediate family, because police don’t want to anger local Maori.
However, John Key says while he has praise for police sensitivity, the rule of law is vital for maintaining public confidence in the justice system, and the court order must be enforced.
Also in today’s The Key Questions, the Opposition leader endorses a Sunday Star Times columnist’s claim that Labour is introducing creeping fascism with the Electoral Finance Bill. Key says the Bill is unconstitutional, a direct assault on democracy, and the public should be up in arms about it.
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