The Key Questions, 9 September 07

National Party leader John Key has accused Prime Minister Helen Clark of getting “emotional” over the Air New Zealand troop flights, and letting that emotion endanger our relationship with Australia.
The accusation comes in this week’s The Key Questions on
John Key also gives qualified support to Children’s Commissioner Cindy Kiro’s “Big Sister plot”, but says National would not support mandatory surveillance of all families. Instead, Key calls on Labour to get over its “political correctness” and simply target the at risk households, instead of beating middle New Zealand around the ears with the threat of more social engineering.
In this week’s The Key Questions, the National Leader also expands on National’s nuclear policy in the wake of the APEC communique on nuclear power, as well as facing questions on the latest opinion poll, the possible sacking of Corrections Minister Damien O’Connor and the latest threats from Osama bin Laden..
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