Kim Dotcom’s links to Nicky Hager Dirty Politics book revealed in text messages

Text messages sent by convicted German fraudster Kim Dotcom to his former security head Wayne Tempero show Dotcom knew months ago that Nicky Hager was preparing to use stolen emails against Cameron Slater and the National Party.

Hager told TVNZ’s Q&A this morning that Dotcom was “absolutely” not his source, but if that’s true it also suggests Hager has been used as a pawn in Dotcom’s campaign against the Government, because the txts released on the Whaleoil blog today are damning.

In a series of messages back in June, Dotcom urges Wayne Tempero to rejoin him because something big is about to break:

“Wayne, I know what’s coming. I want to offer you a friendly way out. It’s going to get ugly. You don’t want to be on the wrong side. You know me. Let’s have a chat. Kim.”

Further down the txt chain, Dotcom reveals:

“We have been collecting evidence and witnesses for three months. I hired professionals to get me information”

The context of the messages appears to be a proposed defamation lawsuit against Slater for anti-Dotcom postings on his website. If Dotcom was using “professionals” to hack Slater’s email and Facebook data, the rationale may be this: Dotcom would become aware of possibly incriminating documents that could be useful in the lawsuit. By arranging for someone like Hager to publish them he can then serve an Anton Pillar discovery order on Hager – thus bringing the documents formally into Dotcom’s possession (effectively laundering stolen emails and turning them into documents admissible in court). This is only speculative opinion of course, but it does explain the sequence of events.

Dotcom’s reference in June to “collecting evidence” for three months puts the timeline back to March, just after the Whaleoil site was hacked in the last week of January. The Gmail and Facebook data was contained on separate servers from the Whaleoil blog, so a delay of several weeks before the hackers got access to that data is also explicable.

Just in case there is any doubt that Dotcom knew about the coming hit on Slater, and that this was what he referred to in his June messages to Wayne Tempero, another txt message sent this past week from Doctom to Tempero reads:

“I told you Slater is going down. Whose side are you on? Can I count on my old friend?”

Dotcom then adds with a *wink* icon, “I wonder who hacked all of Slater’s emails?”