New Winston Peters book highly entertaining


The new unauthorised biography of NZ First leader Winston Peters “is one of the most highly entertaining political books you’ll read,” claims author Ian Wishart.

Called “Winston: The Story Of A Political Phenomenon”, the 344 page bio releases nationwide this Friday…but has just gone live in Kindle form on the Amazon stores.

Wishart says the book retraces the life of New Zealand’s most controversial political figure.

“As you would expect from a man who has both delivered and been on the receiving end of some of the best one-liners in politics, the book is hilarious in places,” Wishart adds.

Winston includes never-before-revealed information about how Winston Peters reached the decision to go into coalition with National in 1996, and what caused the breakup just two years later.

A preview of the book including the table of contents is here: Winstontpreview. The the book can be ordered online or purchased from Whitcoulls, The Warehouse, PaperPlus, Take Note, Poppies, PaperPower or other good bookstores nationwide.

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  1. It is time, now that the high court has handed down one of the most terrible judgments in its history, to bring the catastrophic implications of this judgment and the effect it will have on the future behaviour of councils (already pretty terrible and about to get infinitely worse) to the public’s attention.

    If you want to pick this issue up in election year many people would thank you for doing so.

    We have an enormous amount of material and background to help break this appalling scandal open.

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