Eve’s Bite by Ian Wishart


The call came some time just after 2am. I’d been late to bed after finishing my national talk radio slot the previous evening, then killing a couple of hours on last minute deadline prep for our magazine, Investigate, due to go to press later that week. And so, when the phone trilled annoyingly beside my ear in the early hours of September 12, 2001, New Zealand time,
it took a while to shake the fog of the night’s deepest slumber. So much so, in fact, that the first time it rang I dozily hung up on the caller without either listening or saying anything.

Seconds later, it rang again. Fumbling for the receiver, the perfunctory greeting muttered, I was shaken into a sudden mental clarity by the familiar but this time urgent tones of
Shayne Kavanagh, Investigate’s London-based photo-journalist. There was an edge to his voice that made me sit up this time, and pay attention.

“Listen you dumb #%@! It’s Shayne. New York’s been attacked. It’s been bombed!”

Nah. At two in the morning, with just an hour of sleep under my belt, that particular concept was refusing to register in any coherent way. Kavanagh probably guessed as much from my silence. “Are you there? America is under attack! Planes have hit the World Trade Centre, New York’s burning, the Pentagon’s been hit, I’m watching it here in London on CNN. Do you want me to fly there?”

As a news magazine editor right on deadline, there are sometimes instant decisions you have to make. As a human being faced with the enormity of events like 9/11, sometimes there are instant decisions you simply can’t make. I remember pretty much dropping the phone with a vague promise to call Kavanagh back, and then scrabbling for the TV remote. That was the last sleep I got that night.

As a front-line news and current affairs journalist with a quarter century of reportage under my belt, I’ve seen some sights. I’ve witnessed the carnage of head-on road collisions and grisly murders, I’ve survived two near-miss air incidents, I’ve been inside a TV news chopper being shot at by a psychopathic gunman on the ground below. I’ve helped tackle an armed bank robber who’d just wounded two people (admittedly I only realized he was armed when I came face to face with the weapon as a group of us wrestled him to the ground) I’ve even had to break the news (inadvertently, thanks to police forgetting to notify the next of kin) to a mother and child that their airline pilot husband and father has just been killed after ploughing his commercial flight straight into the side of a mountain, with the loss of all on board.

I have experienced much, but nothing came close to preparing me for the gut-wrenching anguish of what flickered live across the TV screen from New York early that morning: the twin towers collapsing, the office workers jumping to certain death rather than waiting to be burned or crushed, the then unaccounted-for Flight 93. In short, like millions of others across the world in those moments, I sat transfixed as the cathode ray tube in the corner balefully bombarded me with images of destruction, death and malevolent evil on a scale truly hard to fathom.

For an earlier generation, this sense of innocence lost was perhaps best exemplified by the fall of Camelot – John F. Kennedy’s assassination in November 1963 at the height of the US/Soviet cold war. Whilst it is true that those presidential gunshots continue to ricochet through history even to this very day, what happened on September 11 will be writ large in history textbooks of the future – probably in Arabic – as the beginning of the end of the West, the straw that broke a civilization’s back.

Of course, the story of the death of the West isn’t quite that simple – its roots go back a century or more – but there can be little doubt that 9/11 marked the point of no return.

As the tears streamed down my face in the reflected glow of the TV screen on that September morn six years ago, I grieved not just for those whose murders I was watching live on screen. I wept, too, in the realization that this was a new kind of war that the West was unlikely to win.

No matter what President Bush, or Hillary or Obama or Kerry or anyone else tells you, the West is ultimately dead in the water on this one unless the citizens of the United States, Canada, Britain, Australia and New Zealand wake up one morning and smell the smoke from their civilization’s engine room. No amount of superior weapons technology, no amount of “surgical” air strikes, no amount of “dialogue” is going to make a blind bit of difference to Islamofascism’s inexorable advance across the surface of the planet.

The reason for this is simple, but many in the news media and politics apparently don’t want you to hear it – largely, I venture, because telling you would first involve having to admit that their own view of how the world should run is fundamentally and irretrievably wrong. And after all, pride comes before a fall – especially the fall of a civilization.

As you read this book, I hope you’ll join the dots and start to realize what you, your family and your friends are facing. The West will lose, unless we can end the poison that is now weakening our civilization by the day. It is our kryptonite, and until we neutralize it we cannot save the planet, let alone ourselves.

In one sense, this book is not really about Islamofascism at all. In another sense, it all is. The rise of radical Islam is merely the opportunistic or parasitic infection that sets in because of the victim’s weakened state. Rome fell to the barbarians not because the Goths truly were superior to Rome, but because they were one parasite too many on a civilization already weakened by its own depravity and introspection.

Likewise, if the West’s internal problems are not dealt with, it won’t matter whether it’s mad mullahs or members of a resurgent Pygmy tribe out of Africa – someone, somewhere, sometime will deal the West its death blow.

In terms of being in the right place at the right time, Islamofascists have become ‘catch of the day’ pretty much by default, which is why I’ve paid them due care and attention in the conclusion. But never lose sight of the underlying plot: the cancer afflicting the West is the real story of Eve’s Bite, a story of seductive and destructive philosophies and social engineering that within the space of a generation have intellectually crippled the greatest civilization the world has ever seen.

My thesis is simple, that three intellectual forces over the past 150 years have converged and come to dominate Western society: Darwinism, Marxism and, to a lesser but nonetheless significant extent, Eugenics – Darwinism’s illegitimate child beloved of the Nazis and scientists. While public opinion polls show a majority of people don’t believe Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, and even fewer would describe themselves as Marxists, nonetheless much of the education curriculum in state schools is consistent with Marxist education
theory and belief. Most students who’ve been through the state system have never heard the phrase “Marxist” used in class and could not even tell you what it is, yet if you examine their beliefs you’ll find they have been heavily influenced by what their parents would once have called communism.

American philosopher Peter Kreeft set out 17 years ago how Marxism works for change:1

“There is no objectively permanent moral law [and] no subjectively permanent moral law; that human nature is malleable and that conscience can be shaped, reshaped, or eradicated by social engineering. This is the position of Marx and of Behaviorism.”
[emphasis added]

Is there anyone reading this who doesn’t think efforts are being made to socially engineer people by manipulating issues of conscience? Given that our students are now either voting or about to join the voting class, their indoctrination poses a major threat to democracy and the destiny of the West, and here’s why: civilizations can turn on a dime or, in sociological-speak, in a generation or two. That’s because ultimately a civilization put to the test must be able to physically and mentally defend itself. Traditionally, when push comes
to shove, that means men aged 16 to 45. But if you create a culture where military service is scorned, where defence forces are not maintained, and where a Marxist state education system drums into kids that there is nothing worth fighting for, then firstly you have a morale problem. Secondly, you have a reality problem because large portions of the map don’t see the world the way you do and are increasingly excited about having a whack at an emasculated West.

Thirdly, you have a bums-on-seats problem because birthrates in the West are so low that “our” next generation of potential combatants is much smaller than “theirs” – those cultures with birthrates 600% higher. Which leaves the West relying on the only differential left on the board – technology, in the form of nuclear weapons. Given the speed at which Islamic
countries are going nuclear, that differential won’t last much longer either.

It was clear Marxist policy, written decades ago, to strip the West of the will to resist. Congratulations, they’ve pretty much done it.

None of this is to argue that the problem is two-dimensional; that I am suggesting a grand conspiracy has somehow re-created Invasion of the Body Snatchers and everyone who attends a public school or votes for a left-wing government is automatically a vacuous robot. What I am arguing is that the political correctness and Marxist indoctrination taking place makes people more likely to see the world through those eyes, and makes it harder for any sustained defence of Western culture before the poison weakens resolve again.

To argue otherwise is to suggest Advertising doesn’t work and Propaganda has no effect on the human mind which, as you’ll see from the evidence in this book, is an utterly ridiculous assertion. The State-directed brainwashing/re-programming/thought control (whatever you want to call it) of the public doesn’t prevent individuals from breaking free, but it does make it harder for individuals to do so. The biggest danger however is that it creates a mass bloc of voters who have been educated to believe in the same things that a socialist State believes in, and you end up in a self-perpetuating cycle of Marxism. As Soviet dictator Vladimir Lenin once boasted, capitalists will sell Marxism the rope that Marxism will use to hang
capitalists with. This is where the West currently teeters. Contrary views are being excluded from the education system, and increasingly from the news media, and conservative politicians who attempt to articulate their views are often gently ridiculed by the media or, if it looks like their views may be getting public support, aggressively targeted.

Marxists frequently rely on ridicule and name-calling to deflect attention from their agenda. For example, they’ll describe books like this one as pushing the “reds under the beds conspiracy theory”, or “Islamophobia”. They rely on the fact that most people won’t bother to read the book; the public usually rely on media coverage of the book to apprise them of the debate, so they won’t be exposed to the coherent, fully-documented evidence in here.

My critics will be begging and fervently praying to whatever Deity they don’t believe in, that none of you read this book, and none of you talk about it with your kids, friends and workmates. So it is up to you, the readers, to slip below the radar of the State and in some cases a brain-dead media, to tell your friends what you’ve read and to encourage them to get hold of a copy of Eve’s Bite and assess the evidence for themselves, without being distracted by negative media spin.

The biggest problem, as I see it, is that since the mid-1800s the West has been in spiritual and cultural decline, even allowing for the American century, and that the twin vultures of Marxism and Islamofascism are now orbiting in ever-decreasing circles.

Can we survive? Only if we rediscover our core beliefs, rediscover what it means to be a Westerner – for all its faults the greatest civilization in history – and only if we re-educate ourselves and our children about the psychological techniques of persuasion being used against us, and vote in new political administrations who’ll take a blow-torch to Marxism and Islamofascism in our communities wherever they show up.

As Mark Steyn remarked soon after 9/11: we hand-wringing and soft liberals of the West are “sleepwalking towards national suicide” because we’re either too frightened or too stupid to wake up and do something about it. Bored with our own history and achievements, we let our attention turn towards philosophical baubles and alluring ideas from other lands that washed up on our shores. And, like the naïve Trojans admiring a magnificent wooden horse on their city’s doorstep some 29 centuries ago, we too have welcomed modern day wooden horses into our homes, our cities and our lives. It is too late to shut the gate, the horsemen in this latter-day apocalypse are well and truly on the loose.

Extracted from Eve’s Bite. Available at ianwishart.com or Amazon.

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  1. A excellent reminder. I must read my copy again, for with tge events of the past few years tge statements made when I first read the book are even more applicable now – and people in general are even more brainwashed into refusing to consider the clear evidence.
    The more truth yiu reveal, Ian, the more I wonder how Christian I would be to pray for mass assassinations!

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