John Reid: “Throw Pakistan out”

David Barber

Wellington (dpa) – Pakistan, which has players subject to investigations into illegal betting scams, should be thrown out of international cricket, according to former New Zealand captain and match referee John Reid.

“I would make an example of them. You’ve got to,” Reid was quoted as saying in Wednesday’s New Zealand Herald.

He told the paper it was high time decisive action was taken against those found to be involved in illegal activities, and
cricketers found guilty of being involved in spot-betting should be kicked out of the game for good.

The International Cricket Council is gathering evidence on spot- betting allegations against several members of the Pakistan team currently playing in England.

Bowlers Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Amir are being investigated over charges that they delivered three no-balls on cue to suit spot- betting in England’s innings last week at Lord’s.

“They’re good bowlers, but if it’s their career that goes down the drain, too bloody bad,” Reid said. “They’ve got to be banned, and for life.”

Meanwhile, New Zealand’s national betting agency, the TAB, said it will continue to take bets on Pakistan’s games in England, though spokesman Mark Stafford said it did not offer spot-betting, which is open to manipulation.